An effective step-by-step plan guarantees the best results for your business.

Our strategy can be divided into six steps. We start by linking the data and analyzing it, after which we work together to develop a plan for implementing the right marketing strategies aimed at the right target groups. Once we’ve translated this into communication tools, we analyse and evaluate the results together and use this information to improve campaigns.

1. Data connection
2. Database analysis
3. Annual marketing plan
4. Execution
5. Analyses & reports
6. Evaluation & fine-tuning

Step 1: Linking data

A data connection with your store automation system is essential for deploying the right marketing activities!

A data connection with your store automation system is essential for deploying the right marketing strategies!

Your store automation system contains information about your clients and their spending habits. We connect to your store automation system so we can access this data and examine the relevant information for marketing purposes. We can only establish this connection with approval and a signed contract between you and Loyalty Lab. This contract has been drawn up in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The data is retrieved and processed periodically. All communications between your store automation system and our database take place via a secure connection.

We do not send any information back to your store automation system. We list all data enrichment gains (such as changes of address and cleansing information) on your personal dashboard so you can make amendments to your database yourself after verification. This means you always retain control of your database.


Step 2: Database analysis

Your client database is worth its weight in gold!

Who are your clients? Where do your clients live? What is their value? How often do they return? We can answer all these questions with a thorough analysis of your database. We can also use the results of that analysis to ascertain where quick wins can be achieved and which marketing communication tools we can use to achieve increased turnover in the short and medium term.


Step 3: Marketing plan

Personalised annual marketing plan

Developing a good plan starts with setting objectives. To grow your business effectively, we start by looking at where this growth needs to come from. Do you want to recruit new clients? Increase the frequency of visits from existing clients? Increase spending? The next step is looking at what marketing strategies we can implement to achieve these objectives (and on what budget). The advantage of this is that you, as an entrepreneur, know what marketing strategies will be utilised, which objectives need to be achieved and for what investment – all based on a solid plan and smart use of the database. Our goal is to take the burden off you!


Step 4: Execution

Yes, appearance does matter!

Whether it concerns (online or offline) campaigns, a new house style, building a website, mystery shopping, or an appealing logo – we have all the necessary expertise to develop what you need. Our collaboration with the designers and creatives at The Other Side of the Moon has already produced many a success in various sectors.


Step 5: Analyses and reports

Knowledge is power

We evaluate the results of all initiatives undertaken by the entrepreneur, which we then report back to the entrepreneur with the benchmark data, if available. These are response reports. The benefit to you as an entrepreneur is that you always have insight into the costs and benefits of the marketing initiative employed (in other words: did you recoup your investment?).

The standard reports can be found in the entrepreneur’s personal dashboard.


Step 6: Evaluation and fine-tuning

Once the objectives have been set, the campaigns implemented and executed, and the analyses completed and discussed, it’s time for evaluation. Because we control as many aspects as possible, we can critically assess whether the objectives have been achieved. Where necessary, we can amend selections and re-design, fine-tune, and adjust where necessary.

We would be delighted to discuss options with you.

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We would be delighted to discuss the options with you.
Which is the best email address for me to contact you on?