Consumer loyalty programme

  • An advanced programme for targeted communication with your clients.
  • Structured and purposeful communications that help you optimise and increase the value of your existing client database.
  • Effective use of your budget.
  • Costs: for every euro you invest, you earn at least 3 back.
  • Benefit: the average response rate for direct mailing is between 4% and 18%.
  • Sources: the programme prevents duplication and checks whether people have moved or or passed away.
  • Support: in addition to commercial and technical support, we can also help you create campaign materials.

Loyal clients spend more, visit more frequently, and cost you less.

Every product and service has a lifecycle; a sequence of key moments. A new product is purchased, you handle aftersales, the product ages and may require a service to subsequently be superseded by technical innovations or a trendier version. These are clearly defined opportunities to persuade your clients as well as for upselling and cross-selling. The crux is to align client communications and marketing as closely as possible with current needs. Link the loyalty programme to your client database and realise there’s no communication more powerful. The very core of our loyalty programme is making sure you communicate at the exact moment your client needs something more.

What do you need to do?

We work closely with you to map the lifecycles of your products and/or services. We then program these into our system, which produces a number of natural touchpoints with the client. You select a choice from the options we offer and, together, we identify the essential calls–to–action. Ultimately, you remain in control of the programme.

What does the programme do?

We establish a connection with your store automation system. Before making a monthly selection, we check the list of selected clients, remove any duplicates, and cleanse the database. The system generates resources at the appropriate junctures: a mailing or email as desired. The dashboard provides daily insight into the results of the programme.

The objective of the programme is to highlight an extra service, to generate additional footfall and encourage a repeat purchase. This shortens the product’s lifecycle and increases loyalty.

What does it deliver?
  1. Average conversion (= buying response) is between 4% and 18%.
  2. Insight into client satisfaction (survey results) via the dashboard.
  3. €25 average income per mailing.
  4. Increased client loyalty.
  5. Continued control and enrichment of your client data.



Prospective client programme


Retention programme

We would be delighted to discuss the options with you.
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    Elke euro die u investeert, verdient u minimaal 2x terug.


    De gemiddelde respons op een Direct Mail stijgt tot boven de 5% (gemiddeld 2 tot 3%).


    Het programma ontdubbelt, controleert of personen zijn verhuist of overleden.


    Naast commercieel en technische ondersteuning kunnen wij ook helpen bij de creatie van u DM’s, EM’s en andere communicatie.


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