We map the needs and behaviour of your existing clients based on well-formulated data models. This helps us approach clients automatically and persuade them to return to your store sooner or more frequently to make an additional purchase or obtain further service or advice. This will lead to a demonstrable increase in turnover.


What is a loyal client?

A loyal client is one that values their business relationship with you to such an extent, you’re their first port of call when they’re considering a (repeat) purchase. This level of loyalty is achieved through client satisfaction, offering more than your competitors, and – above all – actively maintaining the relationship with your client.

0 %

The average buying response is 11% (bandwidth 4-18%).

Loyalty programme

A loyalty programme is the ultimate way to actively maintain a relationship with your clients. Thanks to a combination of effective direct marketing tools and an intelligent database of client data, you can present the right offer to the right target group at the right time. That way, your clients will think of you first when considering a (repeat) purchase.

3,5 %

27% Conversion results are between 3.5% and 27%!

Themed & promotional campaigns

Using promotional mailing will generate a spike in store visits as well as increased turnover within a specific period. It’s very important to approach the right target group, e.g. with promotions aimed at a target group with a specific profile. This facilitates targeted communication of your message, with an appropriate call-to-action. This will produce excellent conversion rates of between 3.5% and 27%!

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Loyalty programme


Themed & promotional campaigns


Action campaigns

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