About us

We are delighted to share our knowledge, experience, and passion for the marketing field with you.

What we do every day

We create and implement cross-media loyalty and marketing solutions. We handle your loyalty and marketing strategies via print media, social media, the web, and mobile. Besides the Netherlands, we have clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, England, and Spain.

Our people

Based in the Netherlands, we are a group of 40 passionate and enthusiastic professionals who specialise in a range of areas such as IT, marketing, creativity, sales, databases, production, and finance.

Board and Operational Management

  • Birthe Nieuwenhuijsen
    Birthe Nieuwenhuijsen
  • Sandra Christiaansen
    Sandra Christiaansen

Account Management and Consultancy & Sales

  • Ingrid van Amstel
    Ingrid van Amstel

Project Management and Traffic Coordination

  • Rob Snijders
    Rob Snijders
  • Harriët van Alphen
    Harriët van Alphen
  • Nick Weijmans
    Nick Weijmans
  • Joyce van Pel
    Joyce van Pel
  • Monika de Wit
    Monika de Wit


  • Deborah Vlaming
    Deborah Vlaming

Analysts and Data and Software Architects

  • Rick Broekhoff
    Rick Broekhoff


Business Development