Every business deserves loyal clients.

Door een storing zijn wij tijdelijk niet telefonisch bereikbaar. U kunt het beste contact opnemen via info@loyaltylab.nl.

How to win the loyalty of (new) clients.


Analysing behaviour

Who are your clients, when did you last see them, and what is their client value? Loyalty Lab analyses your client database and provides personalised marketing advice.

Where are the quick wins and long-term growth?


Client retention

We’ve developed a loyalty programme that sends the right message at the right time. This means your clients will visit your store sooner or more frequently to make an additional purchase or obtain further service or advice.

This will lead to a demonstrable increase in turnover.


Finding & retaining

Using a well thought-out strategy, we approach only the most suitable clients on your behalf. Client profiles help us select prospective clients whose needs match your store, product, or service, generating more traffic for your business.

Our passion

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs find, analyse, and retain clients. By combining database knowledge with marketing, we can assist all entrepreneurs with a personalised marketing strategy. Every day.


Our strategy can be divided into six steps, from linking data to analysing it.


Our products offer a wide range of marketing solutions.

Instead of counting the clients you reach, start by reaching the clients that count.

Case Studies

Examples of how we have implemented this in the past